Valentine Day

Oops,,  it is 14th February, it is Valentine Day. Today many people celebrate Valentine day, a day for express love to our belovers. I do not know how Valentine day becomes an important celebration. My boys go to their school today with casual dress dominated by red. They asked to wear Valentine dresscode which are pink and red color. Since they are boys, so they wear red.  I asked my son Dennis why they asked to wear valentine dresscode, he said that is the teacher told the students.

I think many people have been “polluted”  by commercial ad to celebrate Valentine day. For the last few days, there are a lot of Valentine stuff offered on the street in Surabaya, people selling flowers, toys, chocolate and other things and the stuff are packed in pink color. Last night on the way home  from visiting relative at a hospital, I went to a supermarket because my son asked me to buy a spray paint (off coure pink color). The supermarket is also celebrating valentine. There is a local band performed love songs. It is beautiful, but is it necessary ?.


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