MTV Surabaya

Generally, people knows about MTV, a music television station which works 24 hours a day. MTV mostly is viewed by teens and youngsters. MTV is now a global trend where young people makes MTV as an indicator of todays life. MTV makes a very big change in young people lifestyle. However, there is another MTVs in Surabaya which work to be a new trend setter for Surabayans. Although Surabaya MTVs do not work 24 hour a day, but, they make a siginificant change in daily life in Surabaya.

One day before Good Friday 2007, on 6 April, about 1,500 persons mostly women  were innaugurated as urban environmental cadres in Surabaya. The cadres were innaugurated by Deputy Ministry of Enviroment and Deputy Minister of Women Empowering. The innauguration was held as part of 5th anniversary of establishment environmental foundation by Unilever, called “Uli Peduli“. The foundation was established in 2oo2 in Surabaya to promote environmental improvement.

Uli Peduli works systematically in Surabaya to improve enviromental quality particularly within community. Started in 2002 by having two cadres, the foundation worked in Kelurahan (subdistrict) Jambangan to promote solid waste reduction.   To assist the community, “Uli Peduli” recruited facilitators and motivators. The facilitators and motivators which then called MTVs  who were trained to give them skill and knowledge  as trainers. Then, the MTVs work within the community to find and recruit cadres.

After having training and assistance from MTVs, the cadres work to encourage and to educate their community the importance of cleanless of their environment. The cadres and community work to manage their waste, to separeate organic waste and inorganic waste. The organic waste treated by composting for soil enrichment (fertilizer). Inorganic was reused and recycled as much as possible. To prepare a composting system, the cadres and community work to develop individual composter. For this purpose  the cadres were assisted by the MTVs, and if it necessary, the MTVs ask experts to help any problem of composting.

Nowadays, MTVs work with community to encourage citizens of Surabaya in the whole part of the city. The MTVs provide support and assistance to educate people about urban environment. As a result from two cadres, now, MTVs have 1,500 cadres who work in 20 Kelurahan out of 163 kelurahans in Surabaya. The target is to have cadres in 163 kelurahans, and within kelurahan, all community neigborhoods (rukun warga RWs) have environmental cadres.  In next few years, all rukun tetanggas, RTs, (smaller neighborhood) to have environmental cadres to promote environmental improvement.  A long journey to make the city becomes  a better place to live.


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