English Postings

A friend of mine at IGES Japan told me that he read this site, however, since most of the contents written in Bahasa Indonesia, he could not understand the postings. We got together in the Kitakyushu Meeting beginning of this week in Japan.

I really feel emabarasing when my colleagues want to know what I write on this site but then, they could not understand due to language problem. I admit that it is easier and faster for me to write in Bahasa Indonesia than in English. I mostly get stuck when my “dead line” is almost always overdue, then, I write in Bahasa Indonesia. (Although my dead line for posting is flexible, I am the one who decided what is my dead line). Another reason for writing in Bahasa Indonesia is my assumption about readers. In my opinion, most of the readers of this site will be Indonesian, so, it will be much convenient to see in Bahasa Indonesia (Off course, this is not always true). More over, the contents of the posting is mostly local issues and local problems, I assume English reader will not be interrested reading local contents.

Anyway, I will keep writing English posting as much as possible. Let then readers decide to read or not.


2 thoughts on “English Postings

  1. Lam kenal Pak. Kalo yang ditulis topikna beyat-beyat macam punya Bapak ini sih, saya juga sepertinya mending nulis dalam bahasa Indonesia, hehe. Tapi buat niatnya banyakin postingan dalam Bahasa Inggris, go for it..you can make it!



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