Children Conference on Climate Change

Conference of Parties 13 (COP13) on Climate Change in Bali is coming. Indonesia as host country is being busy to make sure that the conference will be successful. Apart from the COP13, another conference for children called Children Conference on Climate Change is going to be carried out in Surabaya prior to COP13. Children from all part of the country and overseas will get together to learn and to anticipate the climate change problems.

Indonesia should take advantages being host of COP of UNFCCC by raising awareness about CC at all levels. President of Indonesia declares that CC should be a mainstream in Indonesia development. It is a very strong messages from the President. Therefore, COP13 in Bali must be a good opportunity to integrate CC in every development activities, so, CC issue will be a mainstreaming in development agenda.

To support the COP13 in Bali, a children conference on climate change will be carried out in Surabaya on 26 -30 November 2007. The Children Conference on Climate Change (CCCC) will have a topic: Kids and Young People Do Actions for a Better Earth. The  children conference to be attended by young people age 10-14 years old from Surabaya, representative from all Indonesia and overseas. The organizer will be Tunas Hijau, and supported by  Ministry of  Foreign Affairs and the City of Surabaya.

Participants of CCCC expected to bring  their  projects on environment to be  exposed to all participants. The  materials to be brought can be poster, paper, paintings. The CCCC will be designed in such way, so, it will be fun and interresting for children. The CCCC program includes workshop, seminar, discussion, field trip and exposition. There will be four categories to be exposed such as solid waste management (day-one), Forestry and Water Resources (day-two), Rivers and Ocean (day-three), Energyi and Lifestyle (day-four).

Children from various countries are invited to this conference. It is expected that countries in Asia and Pacific will participate to the CCCC, as they may attend COP13 in Bali. Threrefore, those who have booked for COP13 in Bali may include their children to join CCCC in Surabaya as Surabaya is only about 30 minutes flight from Bali. After attending CCCC in Surabaya children and their parents can attend Bali COP13.

Details information about the CCC, are available at and

This information to be distributed to all parties concern. This can be distributed to any one.


5 thoughts on “Children Conference on Climate Change

  1. We are from Egypt we need to attend this conference we have many enviromental projects and also many activities we can share in this conference swhat we have do to attending this conference?and do you have any application for that?
    Amal Hosny


  2. The conference will be an aubaine pournous. Our combat which is located within the framework of a holy and clean environment. Our children will make two presentations on “water” and “the children vis-a-vis the climatic change”
    The 1st communiation on water because the rivers denotre country located in full heart of the Sahel are threatened of stranding and the jacinfhe. Our rivers are dustbins. Our comminication will exhotera with the mobilization of water through the construction of the stoppings, the dams and the collection of surface waters. We courageons of it Hydri-agricol for éviterl (insecurity food.
    Our 2nd communication will go on novelles energies. The use of these energies renouvellables places one of the solutions of the fight against the climatic change which prevails in our country which connait a prolonged dryness and an increase in heat. The winter cycle connait changes. What entraine the famine.
    Artistic Ensute netre troop can ensure animation with the dances and the theatre. They are six well rôdés children because they were several times prizes winner in festivals of the children in Africa.
    The framing is ensured by a professionel arts and one miltant for a splendid environment because he is an author of two books of youth on the environment


  3. We where indrouce to you by joyce song of The United Nations Enviroment Programmes ( UNEP ).

    We would like to ask how will can participte in the cccc in surabaya.

    Infotainment Movement


  4. I cannot read the language on the link.

    I require an english website.

    I cannot find application or deadline or any info. for that matter other than this link.

    Some of the links above are inactive.


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