APEC & Climate Change

APEC Leaders declared high commitment to protect climate change. At the APEC summit in Sydney beginning of August 2007,  APEC Leaders decided to implement emission reduction, propmotion of energy saving and to do reforestation. According to the media, United States will provide assistance to Indonesia for reforestation at a value about 20 million US Dollars, and Australia also will give about 30 million US Dollars. Both countries US and Australia do not ratify the Kyoto Protocol.

APEC Summit which is held annually, for the first time raised issue of climate change, after more than 10 years of signing of Kyoto Protocol which provides obligation to most developed countries to reduce their emission to the level of 1990. US and Australia should be part of countries to reduce their emission, however, both said countries denied to sign the Kyoto Protocol, so, they refuse to do activities for climate change under Kyoto Protocol Agenda.

Nowadays, climate change becomes a very hot issue because increasing of natural damages by typhoon, flood, landslide, and other disaster phenomenon. Looking at great disaster, then US and Australia try to attract attention by providing assistance to Indonesia. US and Australia should provide more than 30 million dollars for climate change protection under Kyoto Protocol.

However, at least one step is moving ahead by involving APEC Leaders in the climate change protection campaign. Then, next steps to determine programs for climate change protection for each country. There should be more talks and discussion to prepare action plans for climate change in every country.

Actually, there are a lot of discussion for CC protection, Asia Pacific Network on Climate Change has been 17 years established to promote climate change protection. Recommendations and studies have been published of the climate change protection in every country.
As the APEC Leaders have declared the commitment, strong political support is now available to undertake breakthrough actions. Every country has to prepare actions and schedule for implementation for mitigation and adptation for climate change protection. Preparation for action should be carried out as soon as possible, since impacts of climate change are getting worse.

Indonesia is going to revise mid-term development plan, in which mitigation and adaptation of climate change program will be included in the revision.  Although the period of the mid-term plan is until 2010, two years for preparation and implementation is a very tight time to arrange mitigation and adaptation program for climate change. More important is to ensure that  mitigation and adaptation program of climate change should be incorporated into long term development plan. Political support from parliament is also very important thing, since parliament should approve any plan for implementation.


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