Winning negotiations at international COP13 climate change in Bali

Conference of parties of United Nations Framework on Climate Change in Bali is only several weeks ahead. The conference is a forum for negotiation among countries to reduce green house gas in order to avoid and to hinder global warming. Indonesia as host country of the conference expected to take advantage for getting a significant fund through climate change protection programs to be negotiated in the conference. Former Ministry of Environment, Prof. Emil Salim, chaires Indonesian delegation for the negotiation.

International conference on climate change in Bali (known as COP 13 UNFCCC) for the tfirst time to be held in Indonesia. The annual conference in Bali is expeected to force United States of America to provide strong commitment for climate change protection. According to last APEC Summit, USA and Australia will provide technical assistance to Indonesia for reforestation as part of climate change protection programs. As USA does not ratify Kyoto Protocol, there is very urgent to establish another mechanism in which USA can take great responsibility to involve in climate change protection. In other words, USA should provide sufficient resources for climate change protection. As host country, Indonesia should be able to bring USA to a same understanding for climate change protection. The question is what kind of plan has been prepared to for conference. As chairperson of Indonesian delegates, Prof. Emil Salim should have excellent strategy for negotiation in COP13 particularly for negotiate with USA.

While preparing comprehensive plan and strategy, Indonesia has decide target to obtain a big amount of fund from developed countries for reforestation as part of climate change protection. During last APEC summit, USA and Australia declared that they will provide assistance to Indonesia for reforestation as part of climate change protection. Statement during APEC summit should be used as great basis for negotiation for Indonesia. However, if Indonesian delegation fail to prepare a strategic comprehensive action plan, Indonesia may miss great chance to obtain big amount of fund. Indonesian delegation should also have taft negotiators. Next COP 14 UNFCCC in Poland may not be a good time for Indonesia to deal with this issue.

The conference is coming several weeks, however, local organicer under Ministry of Environment Indonesian (MOEI) , has not provide suffcient information to public. People do not have chance to know how the conference will be undertaken. In addition, people do not know how the negotiation will be. MOEI should invite people opinion for the negotiation, as a part of strategy to negotiate. Local governments should involve in the conference even in the negotiation.


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