Global warming and climate change according to Bank Indonesia.

Bank Indonesia (BI, Indonesian Federal Bank) just published a pocket book, which I think, is far from the “core business” of the bank.  The book written in Bahasa Indonesia “Dampak pemanasan global terhadap lingkungan, perekonomian, potensi konflik dan pertahanan”. Publishing of the book adds more reference about global warming and climate change.

Global warming and climate change become hot issues due to the impacts which cover the entire earth. Several manmade disasters happen caused by global warming. It is exposed in many forms on many media. There are a lot of papers and publications trying to analysise the hot issue. Climate change is a global issue and it affects global society. Suddenly many publications and books published, seminars and workshops carried out.

The publications, papers, seminars and workshops are positive steps to understand global warming phenomena. It is more important to prepare action plans and doing activities to protect the environment. I did quick reading of the book, and try to digest the contents. I can say that the book is not propperly edited, and the analysis of the global warming and climate change is not sufficient to explain the global warming and its impacts. Lay-out of the book is a very basic, font size is not appropriate compared to the size of the book. There are several errors in typing. There is no date of publishing. Based on the contents, the book is written in between September 2007 and December 2007, since the book puts the results of Apec Summit Meeting in Sydney Australia in December 2007, and the book is expecting some results from UNFCCC conference in Bali which conducted on 3-13 December 2007.

The contents of BI’s book is very general. It is understood BI did not undertake a comprehensive research to prepare the book. In addition, global warming is only additional issue for the federal bank. The book points out several recommendations such as reorientation of economic policy to protect ecosystem, and mainstreaming ecological economics.Those two issues are essential to remind decision makers and politicians, that global warming is not only an issue, global warming climate change protection should be internalized into economic policy.

Bank Indonesia must be appreciated to produce such book.


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