Devastating flood hits Situbondo

It was almost midnight on Friday 8 February, river Sampeyan in Situbondo flooded and caused mass destruction in the Situbondo area, about 150 km East Surabaya. At least 15 people dead, and many more injured due to the flood.

The river Sampeyan  which located across the Situbondo city brought sludge, wood, and other materials from upstream of the river and hit the city. It happened suddenly after almost a whole day rain came over Situbondo and Bondowoso areas. According to eyewitnesses, rain started about after Friday praying, and it did not stop until evening. At about 9 pm, people who live along river bank heard siren to tell the people that water level at the river has reach the controlled pier. In a few minutes, huge water flood flushed almost everything on the river and its banks.

The condition became worse as electric power was down. In the middle of the darkness, alot of people were trying to rescue themselves without thingking their belongings.  People in panic condition doing anything to save their life.

Economic loss due to the flood estimated to about 500 billion rupiah. The loss could be more as victims and identification was not propperly reported to the city administration. There are more than 639 houses totally broken and dissapeared. In addition about 5,243 other houses are damaged and broken. There are six bridges are flushed and four more bridges broken. Schools are also hit by the flood, more than 93 schools are damaged  and broken. Therefore, the flood affected almost whole areas, sludge covered almost all of the city, and students could not go to school as their schools are damaged.

It is understood that the river Sampeyan flooded due to inappropriate management of deforestation in the upstream of the river. As deforestation happended for long time for agriculture purposes and for logging purposes,


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