Sludge volcanoe Sidoarjo becomes endless disaster ?

After more than one year, sludge volcanoe Porong does not have any clue when it will stop. Many attemps to stop the sludge coming from earth, so, far, there is no success. Dyke to protect adjacent areas from sludge flooding has been constructed very high, the dyke is more than 8 meters. Many times the dyke collapsed and areas nearby get flooded. From environment point of view, sludge explosion at Porong is a catastrophy disaster to the environment and human being particularly people living at Porong area, Sidoarjo.

Looking at the impacts of the sludge volcanoe, large area has been covered by sludge. Many people have to be displaced from their houses. They loose their land and properties and even their dignity. Some people get depressed due to loosing all their belongings. They are suffering both pyisically and mentally. Some of them need serious psichological assistance to recover their stress.

The environment condition of the area is even worse. The area covered by the dyke is totally unused (for time being), sludge covers the entire area in more than 8 m depth. The flooded area used to be padifield, housing, and people activities. Although the owner of the mining has compensate the land, but it is a very “strange” compared to the condition prior to explosion.

The adjacent area of the dyke is also suffering. The “flooded” area is becomeing larger due to increasing volume of the sludge, in terms of compensation, most of the victims do not get appropriate caompensation. Even decision that they are affected victims, are unclear. Accordingly, compensation for victims decided based on decision whether they are “official affected victims” or not. Decision as  to be “official affected victim” is decided under a decree by governor or by minister. Therefore, many victims can not claim any compensation because they are not in the list of  “official affected victims”.

In fact, many people have suffering, and thay have to wait, before rcognized af “official affected victim”. Their belongings, land and other have been broken, they ca not use it anymore. The environment is “dead”, no plants or animal can live on the flooded area.

The worst condition is there is not enough information about how the problems to be resolved. There is no information, how can the sludge be terminated. How long the people have to wait. Information is very important for the affected people. But they do not have the information at all. There is no one give any prediction, when the  explotion terminate. Will it be an endless disaster for the people. No one knows.


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