Promoting eco-park (mangrove) in the coastal Surabaya

Indonesia is known as the largest area of mangrove. As Indonesia has the longest tropical coast in the world, and most of the coast is covered by mangrove. Mangrove naturally grows in tropical areas. Surabaya is a coastal city which located in the northeast of Java island. Unfortunately, some part of Surabaya mangrove is broken, however, the city is going to bring back mangrove trees to Surabaya coast.

According to general spatial planning, east coast of Surabaya is preserved for conservation. The general spatial plan is broken down into a detailed plan which will be used as a basis for implementation. To conserve mangrove in Surabaya coast, a detailed plan for a mangrove eco-park program is being carried out. Based on the plan, there will be an integrated mangrove preservation program for the east coast of Surabaya.

Mayor of Surabaya, Mr. Bambang Dwi Hartono, promotes the mangrove preservation program at northeast Surabaya. Mr. Hartono has send a proposal to central government asking for assistant to implement the eco-park mangrove preservation. Together with several senior officials, Mr. Hartono also visited Mangrove Information  Center (MIC), in Bali to learn the mangrove preservation. During the visit, Mayor Hartono met the officers and JICA expert at MIC in Bali. Visit to Bali is aimed to learn and to see how a broken coastal area is developed into a beautiful mangrove forest.

In addition, to enrich understanding, Mayor Hartono and his staff visited the West Bali National Park, in which a coastal area with mangrove is managed for tourism purposes. The area, called Menjangan Resort, is an integration of eco-preservation and recreation (tourism). A selected area of mangrove coast is equiped with limited recreation facilities, so, the nature is kept fresh, and at the same time people can enjoy the beach and the mangrove. Mayor Hartono, is willing to adopt the Menjangan Resort concept in the northeast coast of Surabaya.

Meanwhile,  the city administration lead by  Mayor Hartono, are promoting for replanting mangrove at Surabaya coast. Mangrove replanting is supported by many stakeholders in Surabaya including private companies. School children, women association, NGOs, youth association and many other are gathering to plant more than 10,000 mangrove trees.  The replanting of mangrove will be held as a regular program. In the year of 2008, replanting of mangrove has been undertaken for two times. During the second time, 10, May 2008, more than 5,000 mangrove trees were planted.  In near future, there will be other programs to plant mangrove in northeast of Surabaya.


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