World Mangrove Day: 15.000 mangrove planted in Surabaya

Mayor of Surabaya, Bambang Dwi Hartono, lead a mangrove plantation in Surabaya, Saturday, 26 July 2008. The program was conducted to celebrate World Mangrove Day and to improve mangrove in east coast of Surabaya as well as to raise environmental concern amongst stakeholders in Surabaya. About 15.000 mangrove were planted by many stakeholders, private sector, NGOs, students, communities, citizens and universities.

The program was supported by HM Sampoerna which provided numbers of boats to bring participants to plantation area. Other organizations including Bank Jatim, and Pertamina also supported the program. More than 1000 people joined the saturday morning program to plant mangrove. People were very eager to join the program, students and citizens hand in hand in the site. Although site is quite difficult due to deep mud and sludge, spirit of the participants was very high.

Mayor Hartono who lead the action was very happy because many people joined the action. Hartono, in his speech said that the east coast of Surabaya is preserved for conservation, therefore, mangrove is very important to protect the area from high tide. At the same time mangrove will provide good space for planctons to grow.

East coast of Surabaya is planned to be a mangrove center which will be a field laboratory to develop mangrove in the region. The mangrove center will be a center to integrate environmental conservation, recreation and education. While waiting for construcion of facilities of the center, mangrove keep to be planted. So, when facilities be ready, mangrove has been good enough to protect the coast.


2 thoughts on “World Mangrove Day: 15.000 mangrove planted in Surabaya

  1. kemaren kita ketemu pak 🙂
    setidaknya program ini berkelanjutan, dan pemeliharaan mangrovenya itu juga harus terus menerus, karena katanya hanya sebagian kecil mangrove yang masih tetap hidup jika ditanami 🙂


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