Green driving

During high oil prices as now, (even though world oil prices decreased in the last few weeks), people will try to find ways to minimize expenditures for oil and energy. Various ways attempted to make savings, including stint on the road, which can reduce fuel consumption. There are a few tips to economize lightweight drive, as described below.

Aerodynamics; lighter of vehicles using less fuel. Goods that are not needed, especially the weight, should be excluded from the car, because it will only add weight of the vehicle. It will save money. Before you buy a car, consider the aerodynamics of the vehicle, so that the air friction can be minimized.

Travel plan; Before you take a travel, prepare a route plan. In big cities (especially), many alternative routes that can be selected. Choose a route that less traffic jam. One should avoid too many crossroads. Choose the most direct and the less crowded. Sometimes we must monitor the traffic information from radio stations that provide periodic information about traffic conditions.

Speed stability; vehicles that run very fast need high fuel consumption. Take a drive on a certain speed, where the lap machine (RPM) is not too high. High speed also accelerate the period of maintenace, and this is a waste. However, the speed also can not be too low. Wherever possible, do not use brake too often, means do not run too fast when traffic is busy. Because, in a high speed you often have to tread brake on the busy traffic.

Stop and go forward; When you approaching the traffic light, turn the speed gradually. When the traffic light is almost green, try not to stop the vehicle totaly. To move from the stop position stop, vehicle requires more energy than to increase the speed. And it requires more fuel.

Tire pressure; tire pressure is very sensitive to the use of fuel. When the tire pressure is too low, it has big friction with the road, by it will be more lavish to fuel. Currently in the United States, there gadget that can be equipped in vehicles to control tire pressure. So when the pressure is low, there will be indicators that provide information on tire pressure.

Travel Note; Prepare a travel note travel and use of fuel of your car. How long travel distance obtained and how much fuel is used. From the note, average usage of fuel can be obteined. When the use of fuel exceeds the average usage, it means the engine must maintained or repaired.

When you do with the above tips, you will save money.

This post is a translation of Indonesian version. I used Google Translate, and off coure, Google Translate itself needs some editing.


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