Interresting ?; may be.

Woow, it has been long time this blog hasn’t been updated. So many things happened without noted on this blog. I may miss much information as they’ve gone. About two months, this blog wasn’t been updated. Although I keep looking the blog some time, I was too lazy to make notes.

Last night, my eldest son leaving for Bandung for a registration to ITB. My nephew Rio joined Daniel to Bandung, Rio will also taking a test for admission to ITB. This morning Daniel called me that, their schedule for registration will be tomorrow, so he has to wait until tomorrow. In his plan, after registration at ITB, he will go to Jakarta to spent a couple of days before taking the test on Saturday and Sunday. Rio will join Daniel to Jakarta.

Daniel has been to Bandung several times. However, let him go alone (Rio also been to Bandung), makes me a little be worried. I keep asking myself; will he survive to do everything he wants to do. It seems he does not get any problem to leave me and my wife. It is time for the bird to fly high, leaving his nest.

Long time before last night, I already told myself, that some day my son would go to continue his life, to find himself, to find the world. I keep telling me, that he will do it right, and I shall not worry about it. It happens to all people. But when time comes, I still feel, that something strange.

After high school, I left my town, my family, my mom and my brothers, at that time I did not feel strange to leave my parents. Now I understand, how my mom missing me, when I left her long time ago. I just say good by to my mom and dad when the ship left the harbor. It was likely a common thing, a son leaving his parents. After more than 30 years, I find it is not easy to let some one go from our side.

I will pray for my son, so God will protect my son. Let the time keep Daniel do his way. Go son, get your world.


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