Oh my God! my English is so poor

I did not realize how poor is my English until my son told his mother about it few weeks ago. I was so tired after a long day, but I had to finish my presentation that night. When I was preparing my power point presentation, I felt into a sleep, and my computer was not turned off. Then, my son Dennis, got in to my room to chat with his mother. He looked at my computer and read my presentation material.

Next morning, my wife talked to me
“Dennis said your English is very poor. There were many errors in your presentation”.
“The title of Dad presentation is wrong”
, my wife repeated what Dennis said.
“Oh ya?, I noticed.
What did he say?
“Dennis said, the sentence errors were almost in every slide”.
“Oh my God, I have checked the presentation several times, and I did not find such errors. But Dennis found errors there”.
“It means Dennis English is much better than yours”
,my wife added.

Since junior high school, Dennis took an English course twice a week. It is a course out of school, his English teachers at the course were native speakers. According to course reports, Dennis mark is in average level. It is not poor, but not excellent either. Therefore, I assumed, Dennis English is at moderate level. Now Dennis is in senior high.

I took English course many years ago, far before Dennis was born. I worked very hard to keep my English in good condition. I decided to use English in any chance I could. I did read and write English reports to maintain my English. I had many occasions to meet foreigners. And I also did several English presentations in international seminars. So, I assumed, my English is good enough to write presentations.

But, my son broke my assumption, my English was so poor, and Dennis made some corrections in my presentation. Thanks to Dennis for telling his dad to improve his English.

It is one of the reasons, I wrote this post in English. I do not know what will be Dennis opinion if he read this post. He may find errors in this post. I will be happy if he does.


3 thoughts on “Oh my God! my English is so poor

  1. I did not realize how poor my English was until my son told his mother about it few weeks ago.
    =>Ini mungkin salah satu yang akan dikereksi sama Dennis, Lae Silaban. Hehehe.


  2. We have similar experience bang Togar!, one day I ask my daughter to check my paper that I will present on the international seminar for the next day. Then, she said ” Sudah bagus ini pak, tetapi ini bahasa Indonesia”, bah..really I work hard for that paper, and that is Indonesian english paper… and this my comment is in bataknese english…hehehe..


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