What does blogaversary mean for you?

Just after finishing my lunch, I got into Jane’s Blog. It will be one year blogging for Jane on August 13. Jane challenges her readers to write post for her blogaversary today, Friday, August 13. One question keep coming to my mind: what is the greatest gift from blogging?.

To be honestly, I am not sure, whether I can get the answer, what is greatest gift from blogging. I did not have any specific purposes when I started blogging three years ago. I just wrote on and on (in my own language) whatever came up to my mind.

The reason I keep posting is that I want to improve my writing skill (which is very slow!). It is quite exiting when I can express my mind through writing posts. It doesn’t matter whether the readers like the posts or not. I keep writing as I want to. When I read again my earlier posts (back dated 2007), I can tell myself that there is some progress in my writing skill.

Thanks to WordPress for allowing me to improve my skill in blogging. Although I can’t use all WordPress features, but I have tried some. I use different themes from time to time. And I like the trial and error while blogging.

Through all the process, I can express my mind, myself.
Hello world, here I am.


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