Thanks God, I have wonderful sons

I was very surprised these days because of my son Daniel. That is the reason, I write this post, and I put such title. Three days ago, when I was browsing my FB, I saw status of my son Daniel, that he has a blog. Then, I clicked the link which brought me to his blog. He called itMaling Kancut“, a strange name. He has explanation about the name. Reading his blog, I was surprised, Daniel writing an English blog!. For me his writing is wonderful, because I haven’t see his writing before, except for his school assignments.  And today, Daniel surprised me again when he wrote something about us. I am speechless, and I don’t know what to say as he wrote about my family in his blog’s page.

Few months ago, Daniel told us, that he is preparing a blog, as a space for him to write anything. At that that time, I just said that is good. I asked him to show the URL, but he refused to show it, and he said, it is not ready to launch yet. Then, I thought, he was just kidding. Several times I challenged him to start blogging, I said, blogging is a way to keep your thinking is systematic. I thought, he refused to take attention to my challenges.

Just three days ago, I I saw Daniel blog for the first time. And I was very surprised, because his blog is much more than I imagined, it is much more than I expected. Daniel  writes the blog in English! , and his English is already advanced. Wow, how wonderful it is. I found that Daniel English is much better than I have.

And today, another surprise shocked me. Daniel wrote a page telling about us, about me, about my family. It is amazing, I could not say anything, speechless….Thanks God, I have wonderful sons. See what he wrote, I quoted the page as below.

Oh My God, I have wonderful sons, thanks God.


Daniel thought I’ve been to Ecuador and Australia, in fact I never been to those countries. Since I have friend from such countries, Daniel thought I have been visiting such countries. And that is fine, he writes what he thinks he knows.


Just like most kids around the world, my dad’s my biggest idol and hero (though I never say it directly to him before). He’s like perfect! He’s smart, wise, firm, has a great job and a beautiful wife (my mum). I’m secretly jealous of him because of his many achievements. I always thought, how in the world am I gonna exceed him?! Anyway, I’ll show you who he really is and why I am so proud of him.
My dad is Togar Arifin Silaban. He was born in North Tapanuli, Sumatra, Indonesia, 55 years ago. He is the first child of my grandfather and grandmother who were a farmer and a teacher. He was raised in a difficult and poor environment with his 8 brothers and sisters. During school holidays, my dad had to help my grandfather working in the fields for hours. It was even more tiring on holidays than on school days, but he had no other choice but to work and study everyday.
When he was 18, his spirit, patience, dedication, and his tough personality made him succeed in his education. He got accepted at Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) which is one of the top university in Indonesia. He continued his education at University of Manitoba in Canada and got his degree in Master of Environmental Engineering. My grandmother and aunts said that my dad was so focused and dedicated in his studying. They said that he only went out to church and campus radio for broadcasting, he used his other time with studying hard in his room. I wish I could follow his habit, but it’s not as easy as I thought it’d be.
Now, he’s currently working as a deputy vice at Secretariat Office of Vice President of Republic Indonesia in Jakarta. During his career, he had sent by Indonesian Government to US, France, Ecuador, Canada, Japan, Thailand, China, Singapore, Australia, and more.

I never feel embarrassed if someone say that I’m my mama’s boy. I will accept it and that’s fine with me. I just love my mum so much. I couldn’t ask for a better mother. I love that she’s very energetic, enjoying her work and sometimes speak out uninhibitedly. She’s so different from my father who is a calm person, but that’s why they are a match.

My mom is Maya Situmeang.  She was born in Jakarta, 51 years ago. She is the fourth out of 5 children. Her father is an ex-soldier and a tax employees. Not like my father, she has a better life when she was just a kid. As a kid, she was a bit boyish and love fighting with boys. But as she was getting older, she became more feminine. She was also graduated from State College of Accountancy (STAN) like me. She said there were many boys dying to date her in STAN.
Now, she’s currently working at Auditing and Construction Firm Office in Surabaya, Indonesia. She’s also a government employees like my father. I love the fact that she is working and enjoying it. I don’t think I’ll like it if my mother is just a house-wife. When I grow up I want to marry a woman who is independent like my mother and she must love both my parents.
Dennis Hasian Silaban, my only little brother. He was born in Jakarta. September 8th 1994. Ever since we were kids, we always fought almost everyday. I have to admit I was so mean to him. I was evil back then.

He’s in senior high school now, and preparing for college. He is currently struggling with his dream to be accepted in a top university. That’s why as a big brother, it’s my job to support him always.
I never tell him before, but I also jealous of him. He’s so talented. His musicality is off the chart. He sings, plays piano, saxophone, guitar. I hope all the best for him.

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