Thumbs from readers

Palu 003To be honestly, I am not managing this blog in a structural way. Sometime a post written as it  came out from my mind, and it was not even edited. Another time, I read it several times before published. I admitted that most of the time I did not consider any theme of the posts. I write, then I publish.

In the beginning of blogging I had an expectation that I could get huge readers, but then, I realized, it is too much for me. So, decided not to expect too much to get readers, when some one like my posts, it is great, and if people do not like the posts, it is ok. I do not put a specific target. After deciding it, then I can manage this blog in an easy way, I can write posts and pages freely. I will not be upset if someone said that this blog is not managed professionally. Anyway, what is a professional blogger?

I put some photographs on the posts, and I have to admit I took some of the photographs from Google Image search. I also put my own photographs which I took with my pocket camera. When I attached a photograph, I just put it as it was. I did not edit the photographs as I do not have enough skill for digital editing.

So, when someone liked (by clicking the “LIKE” button below) on my post, I considered it is as an appreciation to the post. I posted Berwisata ke Pulau Tidung, and few hours later Colline Kook-Chun,  a photography artist from Victoria, Australia, gave a thumb to the post. As far as I can see Colline Kook-Chun is a professional photographer, and she gave thumb, for whatever reason.

Thanks Ms. Kook-Chun !


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