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Merapikan Monas, Meramaikan Lenggang Jakarta

Merapikan Monas, Meramaikan Lenggang Jakarta

Ada yang istimewa di Monas hari-hari belakangan ini. Setelah selama sebulan, baru kemarin sore saya berkesempatan jalan sore di Monas.  Sampai beberapa bulan lalu, setiap hari di Monas selalu diramaikan oleh pedagang asongan. Ada berbagai macam dijual oleh pedagang, ada air minum,  air kelapa muda, teh kemasan, kopi instan, mi instan dengan air panas, souvenir … Continue reading


This is my personal blog, sharing thoughts, experience and more. I wish I could update regularly, however due to some reasons, new update may not occur frequently. Most of posts and pages written in Bahasa Indonesia. Feel free to leave any comments and messages.
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    "[Jesus said] 'I am the resurrection and the life ... Do you believe this?' This is a canyon question which makes sense only during an all-night vigil or in the stillness of smoke-filled waiting rooms. A question that makes sense when all of our props, crutches, and costumes are taken away. For then we must face ourselves as we really are: rud […]

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    How is it possible to expect that mankind will take advice when they will not so much as take warning. Discuss

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